Trusthorpe man crashed into Porsche while driving illegally

Skegness Magistrates' Court. ANL-160216-151712001
Skegness Magistrates' Court. ANL-160216-151712001

A Trusthorpe man took his friend’s car without permission and then crashed into a Porsche causing £8,000 worth of damage before making off, a court has heard.

Albert Ezekiel Patrick Richards, 56 of Mill Field, admitted taking the Citroen C4 car without consent, driving without a driving licence and insurance and failing to stop after an accident, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court on February 23.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said that at 2pm on February 4, Richards was driving the Citroen car, which belonged to his friend, without her consent and without insurance.

He said that he collided with a Porsche Panamera in High Street, Sutton on Sea, causing damage which was going to cost a minimum of £8,000 to repair.

He then reversed into a car park where he hit another car, a Renault Clio, and then abandoned the car and left the scene.

Mr Todd said police traced the owner of the Citroen and it transpired that the owner had left the keys with Richards at his home and that she had not given him permission to drive it.

In mitigation it was said Richards was in the process of buying the car and he had taken it to use as he was called in by a pub in 
Alford for which he was a keyholder and they needed the spare keys and it was on the way back that the accident happened.

It was said that because his friend, the owner of the car, had gone out and he could find no one else to drive him, he had taken the car.

It was said he did stop and ask the owner of the Porsche if she was OK and had then reversed into the car park but not realised he had hit another car, by which tine he knew he was in trouble so had left the scene and telephoned the car owner to say 
what had happened.

The magistrates adjourned for sentence on March 1 and called for a report from the Probation Service.