Woodhall Spa residents’ fury at 90mph driver

Sign of the times: Witham Road in Woodhall Spa
Sign of the times: Witham Road in Woodhall Spa

Residents in Woodhall Spa are demanding action to combat speeding drivers after a vehicle was ‘clocked ‘ at 90mph - in a 40mph zone.

The vehicle was recorded by a speed sign on Witham Road, a busy, residential area of the village.

Ninety is the maximum speed that can be registered by the sign and the incident happened at 11.3o on a Saturday morning.

Parish councillors - who provided funding for the sign - say they are ‘shocked and concerned’ by the speed of the vehicle.

They point out it could have been a police car or an ambulance, rushing to an emergency incident.

However, data from the sign shows other vehicles were travelling between 45mph and 90mph.

The council is planning a meeting with highways, police and road safety officials to discuss the results of the data collected by the sign.

And, residents are calling for action to be taken - before someone is seriously injured or even killed.

Parish clerk Amanda Bushell said: “We were all shocked when the data was analysed and showed the vehicle at 90.

“You wouldn’t think it would be possible to travel at that speed on the stretch of road but the sign has been checked.

“It is a concern and residents are understandably worried.”

The council has sent the data to the relevant authorities - including the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership and Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department.

The sign will be used at other locations in the village. It is triggered by vehicles breaking the speed limit and ‘flashes’ a warning to drivers in an attempt to get them to slow down.

Data from when the sign was at Witham Road showed the average speed was 29.7mph - well below the limit.

However, Mrs Bushell said roadworks were taking place during part of the time the sign was in place and that speeds of between 45 and 90pmh were recorded at ‘various times’.

She added plans to reduce the limit to 30 were hampered because there is only housing on one side of Witham Road.

However, Broadgate Homes recently received permission to build 50 new dwellings on the ‘undeveloped’ side of the road - increasing hopes the limit could be cut.

Resident Tony Jubb said: “Anyone will tell you a lot of drivers do go too fast and 90 is plain stupid - whatever the reason.

“There are a lot of pedestrians around here - including elderly people and kids. It’s difficult crossing the road.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured - or worse.”