VIDEO: Horncastle Roadworks: Your questions put to energy company and answered

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Q: Why does the work need doing?

A: The existing mains pipes are more than 80 years’ old and are prone to leaks.

Horncastle Gas main roadworks map

Horncastle Gas main roadworks map

Q: What will replace them?

A: New plastic piping which, where possible, will be inserted into the old pipe.

The new pipes should last a minimum of 80 years.

Q: How long will the work last?

A: At least seven weeks although there are a number of factors involved, including 
the weather.

The work will phased so no two main routes will be closed at the same time.

Q: When will the work start?

A: Monday, February 10. Work will take place six days a week - Monday to Saturday.

Q: Will buses still run?

A: Yes, but while High Street is closed, they will be diverted along Stanhope Road and the main bus stop will be outside the Old War Memorial Hospital.

Q: Will deliveries still be able to get to shops?

A: Yes, but it could be a headache, particularly in High Street and North Street.

Contractors are planning to talk to shop owners to work out times for access.

Q: Will my gas supply be turned off:

A: Yes, but at pre-notified times. Residents and business owners will receive letters - and visits from National Grid officials. Gas could be turned off from 7.30am to mid-afternoon,

Q: Will shops still be open for business?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the market still be open?

A: Yes. Plans to move it to the St Lawrence Street car park had been considered.

Q: I drive to St Mary’s Church from Carlisle Gardens. What will be my route?

A: When North Street and High Street are closed, you will have to use Stanhope Road, turn right onto East Street and then Jubilee Way.

Turn right at the traffic lights into West Street, then Bridge Street and turn right into Church Lane.

Q: Will I be able to park on Stanhope Road to drop off my children at school?

A: Not when Stanhope Road is being utilised as a diversion route. Wardens and PCSO’s will be patrolling the area.

Q: Will temporary traffic lights be used to help vehicles turn right out of Stanhope Road into East Street?

A: No. Temporary lights could cause problems with the flow of traffic at the main Boston Road junction.

Q: Will Church Lane remain open?

A: Yes, although it could face a temporary closure, depending on the High Street works.

Q: How will we be told about the works?

A: The National Grid will have representatives in and around Horncastle. People can also talk to contractors - when it is safe to do so.

Updates will appear on the Horncastle News and Town Council websites - and social media.

Details of road closures or any delays will be featured on traffic news.

Q: What happens if my business loses money?

A: There is a compensation scheme available to small businesses. Contact the National Grid for details.