Residents say it’s chaos as 12 weeks of Wragby roadworks begin

The roadworks in Wragby
The roadworks in Wragby

We either like it or lump it.

That’s how one resident summed up local feelings at the start of major roadworks in Wragby on Monday.

A 12-week programme will see improvements carried out to the notoriously busy A158 - and other surrounding roads and pavements.

It is part of a significant investment by Lincolnshire County Council who says they haven’t carried out major repairs for 30 years.

The work will feature re-surfacing the A158 and installing new hi-tech traffic lights which, according to the council, should end snarl ups at busy holiday times.

At Easter, traffic heading to and from the coast was queuing for around three miles - either side of the lights.

At the start of the programme, the B1202 from Wragby to Market Rasen was closed off with some residents saying they faced a five mile de-tour.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s chaos and they haven’t even started on the main road yet. If this is what it is going to be like for the next 12 weeks, they can keep it.

“We didn’t know anything about it. We should have at least had a letter. We’ve rung the county council but they don’t want to know. It’s ‘like it or lump it.’”

Shauna Kelly of Wragby DIY in Victoria Street said she was worried about the future of their new business as it entered its second week.

She said: “We opened last week and now we are stuck because of these roadworks.

“We’re a new business and it’s quite frightening for us because we are wondering how we are going to pay the bills.

“People have been saying Wragby needed a DIY store but we’re wondering how we are going to get through this. We didn’t have any notification from the council.”