Police repeat icy ‘slow down’ warning

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General News.
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Police have repeated their warning to vehicle owners to slow down in icy weather.

It follows several incidents locally last Friday morning after a sudden cold snap led to what police described as ‘treacherous conditions’.

One incident involved a car overturning in a ditch after coming off the main A153 near Belchford crossroads.

A police spokesman confirmed that were no reports of any injuries at that or any other incidents in the Horncastle and Woodhall Spa areas.

The spokesman added: “There were a lot of minor incidents but fortunately drivers did seem to heed the warnings and no-one required hospital treatment.

“However, we would repeat our warnings to slow down, particularly on untreated roads in rural areas.

“Anyone who has lost control of their car on the ice will know that sinking feeling.

“Please slow down, increase your distance with the car in front and take extra care on bends in the road.”

There were unconfirmed reports of vehicles coming off the road near Hagworthingham and Baumber.