Gas work still behind planned schedule


Gas works in Horncastle are still currently behind schedule according to the National Grid, but steps are being taken in a bid to claw back lost time.

The work is approximately three days behind schedule but the National Grid are bringing more staff members to the site and are also working on Saturdays.

Roadworks are currently taking place in High Street and Market Place and it is expected that the High Street will be relaid and reopened by the end of this week.

A National Grid spokesman said: “We have installed all the new piping in High Street and the road is ready to be resurfaced.

“We are then hoping to reopen the High Street by the end of this week.

“We are still a couple of days behind schedule but we are taking steps to get this time back by putting in extra hours and working weekends.

“A big thank you goes out to the local community, they have been excellent over the last couple of weeks and we thank them for their support whilst the works are being carried out.”

Once work in Market Place is completed work will take place in St Lawrence Street.