Road safety chiefs issue appeal

Police accident sign
Police accident sign

Road safety officials have urged drivers to take extra care after a worrying increase in the number of people who have died on the county’s roads.

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has revealed that since the start of the year, more than 12 people have died – compared to three at the same time last year.

Two fatal incidents have taken place in the Horncastle area while there have been reports of a number of other road traffic collisions (RTCs).

The Road Safety Partnership was formed in a bid to reduce the number of RTCs.

John Siddle, communications manager for the organisation, revealed three of those who died are under 24-years-old and fall into the partnership’s young drivers’ category.

There are also more than a dozen investigations under way for incidents in which people have suffered serious injury, as well as numerous non-injury RTCs which Mr Siddle warned ‘could easily have been more serious’.

He said: “Whilst we cannot make comment on those incidents that are under investigation, it is becoming clear that we are suffering a similar amount of incidents and casualties that came about at the turn of the century when 104 people died on our roads in 1999 (also 2003).

“The causation factors then were travelling too fast for the conditions as well as speed, travelling too close to the vehicle in front, not allowing enough time for the journey. The list goes on.”

He has issued some safety advice to try to prevent accidents taking place:

*Check your vehicle to make sure it is fit for the 

*Check your tyres are correctly inflated and legally within tread depth;

*Give yourself enough time to reach your destination without speeding;

*Do not get distracted, especially by using your phone;

*Clear the frost or snow from your car fully and allow time for this in the morning so you are not rushing;

*Use your headlights if the sun is behind you;

*Keep a good distance from the car in front;

*Wear your seat belt and do not drink, or take drugs, and drive.

Mr Siddle’s warning comes after a Freedom of Information request revealed that 114 motorists were caught by Lincolnshire Police in 2014/15 for travelling at more than 100mph. The top speed was 131mph.

In Horncastle, there have been calls to reduce speed limits on some roads - including Jubilee Way.

Residents are wanting new safety measures to be introduced on the A158 between the town and Hagworthingham following several RTCs.