‘Inconsiderate’ drivers are a threat to safety


A Horncastle man is calling for a crackdown on inconsiderate vehicle owners in the town after claiming: ‘Someone could be killed’.

Mike Forster said he is particularly concerned about safety issues for pedestrians in several locations, particularly Conging Street and West Street.

In Conging Street, Mr Forster claims vehicles wanting to turn left at the junction with North Street are mounting the pavement to avoid delays.

And in West Street, he said some vehicles are parking on the pavement, forcing pedestrians to walk into the road.

Mr Forster said: “I’ve seen some near misses on Conging Street and West Street.

“You are talking about two of the busiest parts of the town.

“It is really dangerous and if something isn’t done, someone could be killed. It’s that bad.”

Mr Forster observed that Coning Street was not wide enough to cope with the volume of traffic at peak periods.

He said cars turning right into North Street often block the junction, causing long tailbacks towards the Tesco car park.

To avoid the delays, he said motorists drive on the pavement so they can turn left towards Louth.

Mr Forster explained: “It (Coning Street) is not wide enough for three lanes.

“Some people don’t have any patience. They couldn’t care less about pedestrians.

“They drive on the pavement, just to save a couple of seconds.

“I’m really worried that someone coming out of the shop on the corner could step straight into the path of a car.

“It is busy with mums and children walking to school.

“I know there have been some near misses.

“What we need are some bollards to stop cars driving on the pavement.”

Mr Forster said the problem in West Street was particularly bad near to the junction with Prospect Street.

He added: “The other day, there was a delivery van parked half on the road and half on the pavement.

“There was a group of disabled people - some of them in wheelchairs - who didn’t have the room to walk by.

“They had to step onto the road and they were lucky there was no traffic heading their way. I spoke to the delivery driver and he just said: ‘Where else can I park? What can I do?’

“That’s not good enough.”

Mr Forster has complained to Lincolnshire County Council, without success. He said he backed a police initiative to crackdown on inconsiderate parking and stressed he would be ‘passing on’ details of vehicles causing an obstruction.