Councillors call on Horncastle residents to complain about state of roads

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Residents and businesses in Horncastle have been urged to report as many complaints as possible about the ‘shocking state’ of some local roads.

For several weeks, town councillors have been unhappy with the reporting system used by Lincolnshire County Council.

Town council chairman Coun Brian Burbidge had described it as ‘not fit for purpose’.

He claims many other town and parish councils have a similar opinion.

The County Council admits there have been ‘teething problems’ with the system that was introduced earlier this year, mainly to do with calls not being answered, and emails not being responded to.

The authority insists it is repairing more surfaces than ever and is ranked among the top councils in the country for dealing with potholes.

At a meeting last week, town councillors were assured a new and ‘improved’ reporting system would be in place early in the New Year.

However, Coun Burbidge said he remained sceptical about the quality of the service people would receive.

He added: “I’d urge everyone in Horncastle who has an issue about a road to report it - and make sure it is followed up.

“Many of our roads are in a shocking state. The more people who complain, the better the chance of actually getting something done.”

Coun Burbidge was supported by other councillors when he said it was difficult to check whether complaints had been acted on.

He indicated some repairs were listed as completed - and marked with a green flag - only for the problem to reoccur, often because of the poor standard of work.

He added: “If that happens, get back on your phone, get back on your computers and report it again.”

Coun Maurice Lamb described many local roads as ‘appalling’ and highlighted Boston Road as an example.

He likened it to a ‘tank trail’ and questioned why the county council was ‘wasting millions’ on poor repairs.

Town and county councillor Bill Aron said reports were acted on.

He insisted the county council was doing ‘its very best’ in what he admitted were very difficult circumstances.

Coun Aron said: “If you do report something, then it will get done.”

He confirmed the overall state of Boston Road (A153) had been reported and was being ‘looked at’ by Highways officials.

Town councillors have started to draw up a ‘hit list’ of roads that they would like to see repaired in the Horncastle area.

It includes Boston Road, Louth Road, West Street, Bridge Street and Mareham road.

Town and County Councillor Bill Aron did confirm ‘work would start shortly’ on repairing damaged drains in the Bull Ring.

It followed complaints about a hair salon being flooded by a ‘tide of water’ generated by passing vehicles.

Town council chairman Brian Burbidge said he understood long-awaited improvements in West Street would be carried out at the same time as an upgrade of its junction with Lincoln Road and Langton Hill.

He admitted work was unlikely to start until next September as part of planning conditions attached to a new housing estate.