Town teenagers up for national challenge role

Teenagers who took part in the NCS sceme at their cake sale held at Banovallum School
Teenagers who took part in the NCS sceme at their cake sale held at Banovallum School

Teenagers don’t always attract positive headlines, but a group in Horncastle are doing their very best to change all that.

The 15-strong group is taking part in the National Citizen Service Challenge (NCS).

And, thanks to their efforts, the town’s Youth Centre should now be looking particularly spick and span.

The group is helping redecorate the centre which is used by a number of local organisations.

What’s more, they’ve spent the last few days raising funds to buy paint and other equipment for the work.

On Tuesday, they held a cake sale at Banovallum School.

On Thursday, they were helping shoppers pack bags at the town’s Tesco supermarket.

Provided everything went to plan, they will be hard at work at the Youth Centre all week.

The NCS Challenge is a national initiative and is backed by the government.

It aims to give teenagers a chance to show they can make a positive difference to their local communities.

A spokesman said: “NCS offers 15 to 17-year-olds the opportunity to get together to try new things.

“Then, with the support of a team, they build and deliver a project that makes a real difference to where they live.

“NCS bring young people together from all different backgrounds in a common purpose by offering new experiences, gives them a chance to learn new skills and meet new people.

“It helps young people discover their talents and realise their potential.”

The Horncastle group is drawn from pupils at Bannovallum School and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School.

As part of the challenge, they have already visited an outdoor centre and taken part in sa range of activities including abseiling and hiking.

They also visited the University of Nottingham to experience what to expect if they move into further education.

Corinna Kent, an ‘ambassador’ in the Horncastle Group, said: “It’s been a tremendous experience.

“Everyone has learned from it and hopefully the Youth Centre will look a lot better when we’ve finished the work”

It is, of course, an anxious time for all the group members as they are waiting for their GCSE results which are due out on August 21.

Courtney Burns, one of the Horncastle team members, said she hoped to go to university and found the visit to Nottingham very useful.

She added: “Signing up for the NVS scheme has been brilliant.

“It’s been good meeting other people my own age and we’ve done all kinds of activities.”