Tim traces roots back to the News

Tim Shipman EMN-140417-172126001
Tim Shipman EMN-140417-172126001

A former Horncastle News work experience pupil has been appointed as Political Editor of The Sunday Times.

Tim Shipman, who attended Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Horncastle between 1986 and 1993, has moved to the Sunday Times after a stint as Deputy Political Editor at the Daily Mail.

Tim spoke to current work experience pupil Georgia Nicoll of his time at the News.

“I knew I’d always wanted to do journalism,” Tim said. “So when I was offered a place at Horncastle News I jumped at the chance.”

The first articles Tim wrote were about his fellow pupils who were also on work experience at the time.

“I keep a memory box full of the clippings of my work at Horncastle News,” he added.

Tim was born in Hampshire, but grew up in Horncastle, where he spent his time with friends and family, enjoying comedy and drama at school with fellow former pupil Robert Webb.

“Myself and Robert used to perform sketches about the then headmaster, Tim Peacock, all in good taste of course.”

Tim speaks fondly of his years at the school and added: “They were the best years, it was a brilliant school with inspiring teachers.”

After his successful school years, he attended Churchill College Cambridge and read History, followed by an M.Phil in International Relations.

He then began his career in 1997 as a graduate trainee at the Daily Express.

Tim joked: “Before I was offered a job at the Daily Express I applied to do more work experience at Horncastle News, but got turned down.

“I am looking to come back and visit my town soon, I’d love to speak to my old English teachers again.”

When asked whether he thinks Boris Johnson would be a good MP for Horncastle, he said, “Absolutely, I’m pushing it forward!”