They can feel the warmth and see the light

The newly improved interiror at Thimbleby Church EMN-151214-114209001
The newly improved interiror at Thimbleby Church EMN-151214-114209001

A historic village church is providing a particularly warm welcome to worshippers again – thanks to a new heating and lighting system.

St Margaret’s Church in Thimbleby had been closed for several months to allow vital repair work to be carried out.

Worshippers are now assured of an even warmer welcome than usual at their Sunday morning service.

Contractors finished fitting the new high-tech heating system and, a few hours later, members of the congregation ‘moved in’ for a big clean-up.

More work meant the church was then ready to host a Sunday service in winter for the first time for several years.

The new system was made possible by a single generous donation and completely replaces the previous condemned wiring.

Three large candelabras now light the building and incorporate powerful infrared heaters.

The system should be more efficient and economical as it relies on heat sources being high in the roof.

On Sunday, the 30-plus congregation – led by the Rev John Parkin – enjoyed the warmth and the fact the church is very much open for business.

The next significant service will be carols on Sunday at 3pm. Some of the carols will be performed by a ukulele choir.

Work on other improvements will continue.

A spokesman said parishioners were ‘delighted’ with the reopening.