‘These men can be rather pushy’: Police warning over cold callers

Beware of bogus scam calls
Beware of bogus scam calls

An East Lindsey PCSO has warned residents against giving personal information to suspected cold callers, following recent incidents in Minting and Woodhall Spa.

PCSO Teresa Key said: “A company in the Minting and Woodhall Spa areas has been cold calling residents.

“The company has been telephoning residents and asking them to undertake an energy efficiency survey and wanting to visit callers homes.

“Our advice is not to deal with cold callers. Some may be genuine, but often they are not.

“Don’t invite them to your home or give them any personal information - these men can be rather pushy.

She added: “Should they attend your address and cause you or your neighbours any problems, please call 101 (Lincolnshire Police) or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”