There’s still time to support LIVES’ anniversary campaign


Urging local businesses, schools and villages to invest in defibrillators has been at the heart of charity LIVES’s 45th anniversary campaign this year.

Founded 45 years ago, the life-saving charity has been working to spread awareness about the importance of CPR and emergency care. From the beginning of 2015, the charity has aimed to encourage 45 schools, 45 businesses and 45 rural villages to purchase defibrillators, and its target has yet to be reached.

Currently, the charity has sold seven defibrillators to schools, 19 to Lincolnshire villages and 22 to local businesses. Defibrillators are extremely important in rural areas, they provide a vital life-line in the minutes before ambulance crews arrive at the scene of an accident or emergency, helping to increase the chance of saving a person’s life.

Stephen Hyde, fundraising manager at LIVES, said: “We are really pleased to have a further 48 defibrillators installed in businesses, schools and villages across Lincolnshire and a further 38 pending delivery – but we are still pushing to reach our target and spread awareness about the importance of defibrillators.

“Through our 45th anniversary campaign, we have managed to achieve so much and help even more people learn about the amazing work of our volunteers and team. However, we are still working towards our target of getting defibrillators into 45 schools, 45 businesses and 45 villages – and we hope local communities will get behind us and encourage local business owners, community leaders and head teachers to invest in saving local people’s lives.”

Defibrillators are an important part of emergency care, and LIVES will continue spreading this message throughout the year – with a particular focus on local schools, based in rural areas.

Stephen added: “We are aware that purchasing a defibrillator can seem like an unnecessary cost to small rural schools, but we want head teachers and parents to know the cost is a small price to pay, especially in emergencies. We work hard to educate local students on how to perform CPR, and we want local people to have all the equipment they need, if they are faced with an emergency. We hope this campaign will help remind those interested of their importance.”

Founded in 1970 by Nettleham-based Dr Michael Cooper and Tetford-based Dr Richard Harper-Smith, LIVES has become an essential part of Lincolnshire emergency care. The charity works to provide vital help in the first few minutes before an ambulance crew arrive. It gives a county-wide service and relies on volunteer responders and medics to be ‘on call’ to offer assistance.

• In order to join in with LIVES 45th anniversary celebrations and keep up-to-date with its work, visit and look out for the charity’s Twitter hashtag #LIVES45.