The show is over for Matinee Film Club

The damage caused to Mr Foster's car by the pipe (pictured).
The damage caused to Mr Foster's car by the pipe (pictured).

Members of Horncastle’s Matinee Film Club are looking for a new venue after confirmation it will be leaving Stanhope Hall.

The move comes just weeks after retired business owner Peter Foster - who launched the film club last year - suffered damage to his car after it hit a pipe in the hall car park.

Mr Foster will have to cover the £1,000-plus repair bill himself - because of regulations at the car park.

Mr Foster alleges his claims against the hall were rejected in a ‘cavalier manner’ and says he can no longer work with the venue’s trustees .

He adds that because no-one else has come forward to run the club at the hall, it has ‘closed down’.

However, he says several club members have contacted him about a move to an alternative venue - an idea which he is considering.

Mr Foster launched the club last year and accepts audiences were below the figure he expected.

Mr Foster says audiences were between 19-38 people.

However, he believes the fact he contacted the Horncastle News about the damage to his car is a contributing factor to the film club’s exit.

His claims brought a swift denial from Bill Aron, chairman of the hall’s trustees, who said low attendance figures were the only factor.

Mr Foster said: “As the treatment of my claim against the hall had been rejected in such a cavalier manner I felt that I could not work with the committee (trustees) in continuing to run the Matinee Film Club. I was very sorry to do this as I had made many new friends whilst doing this and writing the newsletter for nearly a year.

“The committee (trustees)responded by closing down the club as the numbers had not grown enough for their satisfaction, but I believe it had more to do with not finding anyone else who would take it on. Since then I have had members emailing me to carry it on and had several offers of venues to show the films in. I will certainly look into this.”

Mr Foster went on to say he was disappointed that, in his opinion, nothing had been done to repair the pipe.

The News put Mr Foster’s claims to Mr Aron, who responded with the following statement: “The Stanhope Hall trustees were pleased to have supported Peter’s ideas to create a Matinee Film Club.

“It is such a pity he didn’t get the support he deserved for all his efforts.”

Mr Aron also sent the News minutes from a meeting which he says show the future of the club at the hall had been discussed with Mr Foster.

Mr Aron says the minutes note it was ‘agreed’ that it had not been possible to increase audience numbers and that Mr Foster indicated trustees should concentrate on a Community Cinema which is also based at the venue.

He adds the Matinee Film Club had only attracted ‘three, four or five people’.