The Horncastle heroes of the London Marathon

L-R Rachel Lear, Tim Verdon, Jo Jackson, Mel Standbrook and Robin Harrison
L-R Rachel Lear, Tim Verdon, Jo Jackson, Mel Standbrook and Robin Harrison

Tim Verdon is unlikely to forget his first London Marathon in a hurry....he was passed by a post office box and a telephone box in the last few hundred yards!

Tim was one of more than half-a-dozen runners from the Horncastle area to complete the daunting course - and they raised thousands of pounds for charity into the bargain.

Five of the runners re-united last Wednesday evening for a get-together to reflect on their performances...and count the blisters on their feet!

It was the first time Tim (48) had competed in the event - and the first time he’d run a marathon - and he described it as a ‘fantastic experience’.

He also revealed he had to overcome a worrying injury to take part.

Tim said: “I suffered from shin splints a few weeks before the race so I wasn’t able to complete my training.

“It wasn’t ideal but I didn’t want to let anyone down.

“The first half of the race went fine but the second half was really tough.

“The crowds and the fact I’d a few family members and friends lining the route kept me going. It was London....if it had been Skegness I might have pulled out.”

Tim admitted crossing the finish line was a mix of elation - and relief.

He added: “The only slight setback was the fact a white Hull Telephone Box and a Post Office box passed me in the last few hundred yards

“It was a bit of a blow to the ego!”

Tim had special reason to finish. He was running for research into bowel cancer.

He explained: “My dad suffered from bowel cancer 15 years ago but he’s still on the go today.

“My target was £2,500 and I reached that so a big thanks to everyone for their support.”

Tim said it was tremendous to meet up with some of the other local runners who all had a tale or two to tell.

Tim added: “My own time was about an hour down on what I’d hoped but the injury had a lot to do with that.

“Everyone did well and we can look back with a lot of pride. I’m not sure I’ll run another marathon. If I do, I’ll tell everyone about it after I’ve done it.

“I can do without the pressure! The fact there were so many runners from Horncastle was fantastic for a town of our size.”

Tim admits he’s not sure he will run another martahton adding: “Idf I do