Tennyson Centre celebrates a very special 50th anniversary

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He is one of the Wolds area’s most famous sons,.

Born in the village of Somersby in 1809, Alfred Lord Tennyson went on to become one of Britiain’s best known poet laureates.

For five decades, the Tennyson Research Centre has been offering a unique insight into one of the most famous figures of the 19th century.

Based above Lincoln Central Library, the centre contains the library, letters, papers and possessions of Tennyson and his family – the most significant collection on the poet in the world.

Now, Lincolnshire County Council is planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the centre.

Coun Nick Worth, Executive Member for Culture and Heritage, said: “Tennyson is perhaps the most quoted poet after Shakespeare, and his words are carved at the South Pole and the Olympic Village.

“For 50 years, this unique collection has inspired students of not only poetry and literature, but also of history, art, and photography.

“People come from all over the world to see, study and research items that range from Tennyson’s manuscripts to his doodles in the margins of his books.

“We also have an autograph request from Prince Albert, Tennyson’s cloak, unique photographs and early commercial souvenirs.”

The collection came to Lincoln in the 1960s following a highly successful exhibition arranged in the city in 1959 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the poet’s birth.

The council then worked with the new-born Tennyson Society to devote a room in the Usher Gallery to the poet’s life and work.

To learn more, visit www.lincstothepast.com/tennyson .