Tattershall man stole dressing gowns from Louth family after falling into their swimming pool


When police in Louth stopped a Tattershall man who was wearing a dressing gown in South Street at 3pm on November 8, they discovered that he had another one on underneath and that he had stolen them from a house in Crowtree Lane.

Paul Blanchard, 26, who at the time was living in Browning Court in Tattershall but now lives in Peterborough, admitted stealing the dressing gowns on November 8, as well as two offences of making off without paying for fuel at filling stations in Coningsby on October 26 - when he also had no insurance to drive the car - and a second filling station at Bicker near Boston on September 25.

Skegness Magistrates’ Court heard that Blanchard had broken into a garden pool area in Louth while he was drunk looking for somewhere to sleep, and had stolen the gowns.

The court also heard that he had filled up his Ford Escort with £45 worth of petrol at Gulf Service Station in Tumby Road, Coningsby on October 26, and £25 worth at the Esso Service Station at Bicker Bar on September 25, and made off without paying on both occasions.

Mitigating, Gary Farmer said that Blanchard had been out drinking with friends and had lost them and was trying to find his friend’s home when he came across what he thought was a shed and as it was very cold he went in to sleep.

He discovered it was in fact a covered garden swimming pool and he fell in and when he got out he put on the dressing gowns as he was wet and cold.

The next morning he ran away still wearing the gowns when he saw the house owner coming towards him.

Mr Farmer said that with regard to the offences of not paying for the petrol, he lived out in the country and had no money for fuel so had just filled up without giving any thought to it

He knew he would be caught as his registration number would be captured by the CCTV cameras.

The magistrates adjourned the case for sentence until January 13 in order to obtain a report from the Probation Service, but in relation to the insurance offence he was fined £110 and a £20 victim surcharge, and was given six penalty points on his licence which meant that he was disqualified from driving for 12 months under the totting-up procedure.