Street lights could be turned off in Horncastle

Horncastle Market Place
Horncastle Market Place

Street lights in Horncastle could be switched off at certain times of the night as Lincolnshire County Council rolls out the final phase of a controversial scheme to save cash.

In light of on-going funding cuts, the council is looking to save £1.7m from its annual £5m street lighting budget.

The savings will come from a number of initiatives including switching off some lights in the early hours of the morning.

‘Part-night’ lighting is being introduced in certain, mostly residential, areas, where lights will turn on at dusk and remain on until midnight. Lights will then be switched off until 6am.

This will affect 38,000 street lights

Up to 3,000 street lights, away from built up areas, have also been identified for possible switch off, subject to further assessments including safety checks.

No exact figures have been released for the Horncastle area Horncastle in included alongside Mabelthorpe and Chapel St Leonards in the final phase of the countywide scheme, The work will be carried out between now and January.