‘Someone could die’ - Horncastle PSCO’s parkour warning

PCSO Nigel Wass
PCSO Nigel Wass

Police in Horncastle have appealed to local youngsters to stop a ‘craze’ of climbing on roofs after warning someone could be seriously injured or even killed.

The News can reveal police have already issued 18 anti social behaviour warnings to offenders.

Officers stress they will follow up with firmer action in a bid to clampdown on the problem.

It has emerged officers have had little trouble identifying many of the youngsters involved as they have taken ‘selfies’ of themselves climbing on roofs – and then posted the images on social media.

PCSO Nigel Wass said: “This appears to be a worrying craze and we need it to stop, especially with the summer holidays approaching.

“We have already knocked on a few doors and handed out warnings.

“Hopefully that has got the message across because there have been no repeat offenders.

“It’s not clever and it is not funny.

“A lot of the roofs the youngsters are climbing were not built for walking on.

“They are not strengthened. Someone could easily fall through. It’s dangerous and it is only a matter of time before someone is injured - or even worse.”

PCSO Wass revealed a number of buildings appeared to have been targeted, including Horncastle Primary School.

He said officers were patrolling recognised ‘hot spots’ on a regular basis and would react to calls from members of the public.

Local resident Andrew Brown said he had seen youngsters on the roof of the town’s indoor swimming pool in Coronation Walk.

He said: “It was about ten o’clock on a Wednesday night and there was a fair bit of noise.

“I looked up and saw these kids running about on the roof.

“They could only have been 12 or 13. They saw me and stopped and just sat on the edge of the roof.

“You wonder what parents are doing letting their kids out at that time of night.”

Horncastle Town Council say they support police attempts to stop the craze.

Parkour is officially recognised as a sport in some countries and refers to people moving quickly through urban areas by running, jumping and climbing obstacles, including buildings.

lPolice have also confirmed they have issued two warnings on individuals in Horncastle for possession of drugs.

Police say they were acting information from members of the public.