Sister Act! Why Horncastle pensioner knitted 1000 jumpers for a good cause

Just a few of Mrs Leggatt's multi-coloured children's jumpers
Just a few of Mrs Leggatt's multi-coloured children's jumpers

If anyone has kept the wool trade alive and kicking in the Horncastle area, it’s Joyce Leggatt.

That’s because she’s knitted over 1000 jumpers - for children at home and abroad- with no plans to stop any time soon!

Mrs Leggat, 80, of Boston Road in Horncastle, has been knitting for over 25 years - and in that time she has made her way through an astronomical amount of wool.

In fact, Mrs Leggatt estimates she has ploughed through a whopping 5150 balls of wool - as well as over 600 cones!

Mrs Leggatt said: “I got into it because of my sister.

“We used to go on bus trips from Alford to the wool mills, and that’s how she got me into knitting.

“Now for my birthdays and Christmases, she always gets me banana boxes of wool to knit with.

“In some respects, I’ve ended up with more wool that I know what to do with - the spare bedroom is fit to burst with it!”

And although Mrs Leggatt loves to knit as a hobby, it’s also a charitable act for her.

She has been knitting small but brightly coloured jumpers for children both at home and abroad.

She said: “It’s something I really enjoy.

“It’s something to keep me occupied - I can sit and listen to the television, or watch the world to by out my window.

“And it’s lovely to think of the children looking through the jumpers for their favourite colour with smiles on their faces.”

Mrs Leggatt’s latest batch of jumpers will be making its way to children in Boston soon.

“There’s chap at Billinghay who collects the jumpers and takes them to Boston.

“He says it’s wonderful to see their faces - I should love a picture of them.”

*Do you know where Mrs Leggatt’s jumpers may be heading? Contact us on 01507 353200 or email horncastle