Road surface dressing in the Louth area


Roads in the Louth area are set to be surface-dressed next week (from Monday July 16), making them safer and extending their lives.

Each location will take around one to two days to complete, and the exact dates and timings for each location will depend upon weather conditions.

To ensure the safety of the workforce, appropriate forms of traffic management will need to be used at each site. This means delays are likely and people are advised to use alternative routes where possible. Following the roadworks, a 20mph speed limit will be in place for seven days.

The affected roads include:

• A631, Cross O’Cliff Hill, Kelstern

• Donington Road, Hallington

• Highfield Lane, Tathwell

• Withcall Lane, Withcall

• Halfpenny Lane, Louth

• Bluestone Heath Road, Tathwell

• Poverty Lane, Tathwell

• Thackers Lane, Tathwell

• Grange Lane, Tathwell

• Raithby Road, Tathwell

• Maidenwell Lane, Haugham

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