Restaurant bids to help Italian ‘quake victims

Staff at the Montebellow Restaurant EMN-161031-110006001
Staff at the Montebellow Restaurant EMN-161031-110006001

Management and staff at a leading Horncastle restaurant are raising money for victims of the Italian earthquakes.

Lorenzo Pavone, manager of the Montebello Restaurant in North Street, is hoping customers and residents will support the appeal.

He has organised a prize raffle which will be drawn at the end of this month. He is also happy to accept donations.

Mr Pavone - and other staff members - have family and friends in the regions of Italy struck by earthquakes in recent months.

The first was in August when more than 270 people were killed, many of them children. Towns like Accumoli and Amatrice were shattered.

There was a second earthquake in the Sellano area last month and a third ‘quake - again in central Italy - last week which caused massive structural damage.

Mr Pavone said: “I was holding a Sykpe conversation with one of my family when the second ’quake struck.

“The phone started shaking and you wonder what is happening.

“It is frightening that we have family and friends back there.

“People have died. Lives and homes were wrecked. With everything else that is happening, a lot of people have forgotten.

“But many of the victims are still living in tents. With winter approaching, we want to do something to help.”

○Anyone wanting to help can call in at the restaurant and buy a ticket for the raffle (£5).

Donations are also welcome. All money raised will be sent via recognised organisations like the Red Cross.