Residents raise speeding fears


Residents living in a Wolds village are calling for action to be taken to combat speeding drivers after a survey showed more than 50 per cent of vehicles were breaking the limit.

The survey was carried out in Hemingby and locals are warning that someone could be seriously injured or killed.

Parish councillors discussed the problem at a meeting earlier this month and were told cars and lorries are often seen passing worryingly close to children.

Traffic agencies have apparently ruled out introducing reactive signs warning drivers to slow down because their are no lamp posts in the village to put them on.

Parish council chairman Doug Rodwell admitted the 50 per cent statistic was a concern and promised residents every effort was being made to find a solution.

Villagers say Main Road and Green Lane are the main areas of concern with claims drivers use Hemingby as a short cut to link with the A158 to Lincoln.