Residents only signs would halt parking issues

Tudor Park - would residents only parking signs solve the current issues?
Tudor Park - would residents only parking signs solve the current issues?

A Horncastle town councillor has suggested putting up ‘residents only’ signs to stop car parking problems on a housing development.

The News has highlighted growing concerns about parking issues on Tudor Park.

Town councillor David Roark initially brought the matter to the attention of fellow councillors, saying the issue had ‘got beyond a joke’ for residents.

Backed by other councillors, Coun Roark said the issues had been caused by a change of parking regulations on Bowl Alley Lane, which leads onto Tudor Park.

He said the regulations - which effectively bar parking on Bowl Alley Lane at the start and finish of the school day - had forced vehicle owners to utilise Tudor Park instead.

He said residents had found their driveways blocked and had raised concerns about access for emergency vehicles.

Now, Coun Maurice Lamb has suggested putting up the residents only signs.

Speaking at a town council meeting last Tuesday, Coun Lamb said: “We already have signs in Foundry Street and Queen Street. Surely, Highways could put up similar signs at the entrance to Tudor Park and stop all this.”

Police have denied receiving any complaints from residents and PCSO Nigel Wass told councillors that was still the case. He stressed police would act if vehicles were causing an obstruction.

PCSO Wass again stressed the regulations had been brought in to make roads safer for children.

Coun Roark said he did not think the issue was a police matter and added the County Council’s Highways department needed to be involved.

Town and county councillor Bill Aron said he had brought the matter to the attention of Highways. Town councillors are hoping for a site meeting.

News readers have suggested parents should walk to school to ease the problem.