Residents backing for action over dog mess

A sprayed pile of dog poo in Horncastle
A sprayed pile of dog poo in Horncastle

Residents in Horncastle have given the ‘thumbs up’ to an East Lindsey District Council backed scheme to crack down on dog fouling in the town,

The News revealed last week that ELDC had launched a campaign which will see dog mess sprayed bright pink.

The district council says the sprayed piles will act as a ‘guilty reminder’ to dog owners and encourage them to clean up after their pets.

The campaign follows complaints from residents and is supported by Lincolnshire Police and Horncastle Town Council.

District council dog warden SueFarenden will also increase her patrols in and around Horncastle - focussing on recognised ‘hot-spots’.

Mum-of-two Debbie Barnes said she welcomed any moves to eradicate the problem.

She explained: “My kids walk to school every day and they come home with dog dirt on their shoes at least once a month.

“If they’re not careful, they tread the mess in the house.

“It’s not just the smell and the dirt. There’s a health issue too.

“We own a dog ourselves but always clean up after it.

“Some owners make me so mad because they spoil it for the majority of us who are responsible.”

Keith Jackson said he wanted to see action taken on the Spa Trail, a popular walking and cycling route. connecting Horncastle with Woodhall Spa.

Mr Jackson said: “I’ve stood and watched dog owners let their pets foul the footpath. They aren’t bothered. It’s disgusting.

“There are other parts of town which are bad, down near the schools on Stanhope Road.”

Some residents contacted the News to question whether the scheme would work.

Alison Taylor said: “Pink is my daughter’s favourite colour.

“She’s only three and would probably walk up to a pile of pink dog mess thinking it’s something nice.”

Steve Charlton added: “Spraying dog dirt pink. What a waste of money. People who allow their animals to foul the streets won’t bother. The authorities know who they are. Prosecute them.”

lAccording to ELDC, these are the recognised ‘hot spots’ - Bain Valley Park; Louth Rd; Stanhope Rd; Linden Rd; The Becks; Cross St; Mareham Rd; North St; Foundry St.