Residents back calls for Bull Ring ‘zebra’


People have continued to back a Horncastle town councillor’s calls for a new pedestrian crossing in the Bull Ring.

Coun Matthew Wilkinson asked about the possibility of a new crossing at a town council meeting.

He says it would encourage more parents to walk their children to schools in Bowl Alley Lane.

Rebecca Hudson said a crossing would be a ‘big help’ and added: “The main roads are getting busier. There’s definitely more lorries and they come thundering through at high speed. When you are on the pavement, you can feel the whoosh of air as they pass.

“A crossing would be a lot safer and I can’t understand why there isn’t one. It might delay drivers but that would slow the traffic down.”

Alison Green said she would also use a crossing.

She explained: “I cross near the traffic lights at the bottom of the Bull Ring because it is a bit safer but, at busy times, you are taking your life in your hands.”

Pensioner Alan Johnson said a crossing would also benefit elderly people who often struggle to cross the Bull Ring.

He added: “The road cuts the town in two. If they put a crossing in, we would be a lot safer.”

County Councillor Bill Aron has said he would raise the issue of a crossing with Highways officers but added a previous bid for a crossing on North Street was rejected because of opposition from residents.