Residents are seeing red over Boston Road

Traffic in Horncastle.
Traffic in Horncastle.

Lincolnshire County Council has denied altering the timing sequence of traffic lights at a main junction in Horncastle amid claims delays are worse than ever.

Angry residents have contacted the News complaining about tailbacks on Boston Road.

They say that on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays it can take more than 30 minutes to travel the length of Boston Road towards the town centre.

And they are pointing the finger of blame firmly at traffic lights that control the junction of Boston Road with the A158 at Jubilee Way.

The A158 is one of the most notorious routes in the county, carrying most of the traffic heading from Lincoln to coastal resorts like Skegness.

For years, campaigners have been calling for a by-pass around Horncastle and the town’s MP Victoria Atkins has recently backed that cause and raised the issue in parliament.

Residents say the situation is worse than ever - especially at weekends.

Mark Thomas said: “It was already bad enough but the tailbacks along Boston Road are ridiculous.

“They’ve definitely altered the traffic lights in favour of the coastal traffic.

“I live off Boston Road, near the industrial estate, and it’s a waste of time - and fuel - trying to get into town.”

Several other people backed Mr Thomas - and his claim that it is often quicker using Fifty Acres, a rural back road that comes out between Horncastle and Woodhall Spa.

Anna Jackson added: “Boston Road has always been busy - especially when the schools come out and at the end of the working day.

“But the delays are starting even earlier and I’ve heard people are queuing back from the turn off to Revesby.

“The lights definitely stay at red longer for anyone using Boston Road.”

Alan Jenkinson said: “I’ve lived in Horncastle all my life and the jams are worse than ever. People use Queen Street and Foundry Street as a rat runs.

“It needs sorting. If they have altered the lights, they need to think about locals.

“What about access for emergency vehicles? “

Steve Massey added: “I often cut down Fifty Acres but it’s a single file road. More people are using it and driving too fast.

“There’s an accident waiting to happen and, if you are trying to get into Horncastle, you’ve still got the queues at the bottom of Langton Hill. It’s all a mess.”