Repairs were ‘unnecessary’ and a ‘waste of our money’

The re-surfaced car park bays outside the  town's  library
The re-surfaced car park bays outside the town's library

A Horncastle business owner has branded a county council decision to spend what he understands to be thousands of pounds repairing parking spaces outside the town’s library as a ‘ waste of money’.

Richard Barker, a former town councillor, says he believes the work was ‘unnecessary’ – particularly at a time when the council is announcing cut backs in many services.

He claims there are more pressing examples of work that did need doing in the area around the library - including what he describes as the ‘appalling state’ of Wharf Road.

In a letter sent to the county council, Mr Barker said: “I and others contend that the works were unnecessary.”

He adds: “The professional view using current rates 
and limited labour 
and plant requirements would be in the region of £6k 
to £8k.

“This is not cost effective and is not value for money to the rate payers.”

Asked by the News, Mr Barker said he believed the repairs were a ‘waste of public money’ and claimed the town’s county councillor Bill Aron should have monitored the work.

In a reply to Mr Barker, Kevin Kendall, a county council property officer, defends the work but says it would not be appropriate to provide a detailed breakdown of information, including the costs.

He says: “The council’s professional consultants are Mouchel and they undertake professional property services for the council.

“I note that you request a detailed specification of the works. However, it would not be appropriate to provide the detailed information that you have requested.

“Regarding councillor input, I am sure you 
will be aware councillors are not involved in the day 
to day delivery of services as this is the responsibility of officers.”