RAF steps up security at Coningsby

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RAF Coningsby has told personnel to be ‘vigilant’ following a recent incident at RAF Marham.

Patrols have also been increased around the base.

The RAF posted on its community Facebook page to state: “Please be aware that following the incident at RAF Marham, where a serviceman was approached by two males whilst out running, the RAF Police at Coningsby are taking this very seriously.

“With that in mind, the Police Flight have increased the patrols of the local Married Quarter patches, both day and night, and the local police have also added extra patrols to these areas.

”The RAF Police are here to help our service personnel and their families but we need your help to maintain 24/7 policing cover.”

The statement adds: “No matter how trivial this may seem, it may be part of a bigger picture.

“Being mindful of reporting these incidents, there will be a leaflet coming through your MQ (Married Quarters) door soon which will give you contact details of who to call with your concerns and a list of what type of information will be most helpful to us when investigating these incidents.”

Anyone with concerns can contact police on the 101 number.

Coningsby is one of the most importtant bases in the country.

It is home to RAF’s frontline Typhoon fighters. Apart from performing a key role in recent missions in the UK, Typhoons from Coningsby are a vital part of Britain’s defences.

It is one of the area’s major employers and hosts RAF and civilian workers. Security in and around the base was already tight, before the incident at RAF Marham.