‘You swerve to miss one and hit another’


A pensioner has hit out at the condition of a road in the village of Edlington near Horncastle and described pot-holes as a ‘disgrace’.

Eric Dickinson claims the pot-holes are some of the worst he’s ever seen and says one of them - near Woodbecks Yard - is more than six feet long and three feet wide.

He told the News: “There are about a dozen in total. They are full of water so you don’t know how deep they go but it is not safe for vehicles.

“You swerve to miss one and then you hit another. It’s a disgrace.

“When it rains, there is water right across the road. There is a big dyke next to it (the road) so surely it could be made to drain the water into there.”

Andy Ratcliffe, area highways manager for the county council, pledged the road would be repaired.

He said: “We are aware of the pothole in Edlington, which is by a farm entrance and is constantly full of water.

“We are planning to repair it with a special material which can be used in waterlogged situations, and will be able to withstand the stresses of heavy, turning farm traffic.

“We are planning to carry out these long-lasting repairs in the next seven to 10 days.”

Meanwhile, a dispute has broken out in Horncastle over the county council’s decision to carry out repairs to car park bays in front of the town’s library.

Resident Richard Barker claims the area is now a safety hazard because of problems with kerb levels.

Mr Barker also questioned why in times of council cutbacks money was spent on the parking bays when the road and pavement in the immediate area are in a much worse condition and prone to flooding.

Mr Barker described the condition of the parking bays before the repairs were carried out as ‘perfectly adequate’. But the town’s county councillor Bill Aron defended the work, saying it had gone ‘very well’.

In a series of email exchanges with Coun Aron, Mr Barker raises concerns about other areas of the town and says the county council has agreed to a ‘private meeting’ with him to discuss them.