‘Yes’ to new link road - but no to new homes

Snarl up: Traffic backs up at the town's main junction but is a new link road really viable?
Snarl up: Traffic backs up at the town's main junction but is a new link road really viable?

Residents in Horncastle have welcomed the possibility of a new link road in the town - but not if it means hundreds of new homes are built.

County Councillor Bill Aron raised the idea of a new road at a meeting of a campaign group battling to stop the proposed Crowders-backed development.

Coun Aron suggested the new route - to the east of the town - could eventually link Boston Road with Lincoln Road.

That would end the notorious congestion on Jubilee Way, particularly in the peak holiday season.

John Turner, of Boston Road, said he believed the new route was much needed. He added: “It can be murder in Horncastle, especially at the weekends.

“Ironically, it took me 40 minutes to drive from my home to Crowders last Saturday.

“There were queues at the Bull Ring and then again at the bottom of Langton Hill.

“Traffic is often backing up a couple of miles towards Lincoln on a Saturday and Sunday.

“The new road would help but we don’t want all these homes as well. They’ll ruin the town.”

Andrea Dyson, of Lincoln Road, said the number of new homes being proposed - up to 1,500 - would only add to the traffic problems.

She said: “The roads can’t cope now. Can you image what would happen if all these homes are built?

“They’ve been talking about a by-pass for years but it will never happen.

“There’s no money and if they have their way, it wouldn’t come here. We’re a backwater.”

Peter Jepson, of Wragby, said driving into Horncastle on a Saturday was often a problem.

He said: “It can take ages to get out of my side road in Wragby and then you’re stuck in traffic virtually all the way to Horncastle.

“The laugh is they (developers) are on about sticking another roundabout on Lincoln Road. That will just cause even more delays.

“A by-pass would help but I’m not so sure it would do a lot for the businesses in town.

“They’re already struggling and if you took away passing trade, what would happen?”

Coun Aron spoke to the News this week and revealed more details about the link road.

He admitted the chances of a scheme going ahead were linked with a major re-development of the town.

He said: “The Government has set aside £1billion for communities that are affected by major developments.

“I’m not sure whether the 1,500 homes which could be built in Horncastle would be classed as major.

“However, like it or not, there is going to be some form of new development.

“I agree that the roads at the moment can’t cope with the number of new homes, so we have got to look to the future.

“I’m not saying it (a link road) will happen in the next four or five years but beyond that who knows?”