Work should be ‘tree-mendous’ for Woodhall

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-181113-092957001

Upcoming works will hopefully see lime trees replanted along Horncastle Road and Witham Road in Woodhall Spa, returning them to their original condition.

Broadgate Homes are about to start the second phase of their site clearance work on the B1191, beginning just the other side of Abbey Lane.

The work is a prelude to new housing.

Broadgate will be clearing the dyke and the banks, with works also planned for the ‘highway trees’ located on the top of the bank.

The trees on the highway verge are owned by Lincolnshire County Council.

The county’s tree officer has been working with Broadgate Homes to ensure appropriate tree management is undertaken by the developer.

The tree officer has also met and briefed the parish council planning committee and ward county councillor Patricia Bradwell.

Coun Bradwell, whio is deputy leader of LCC, welcome the planned programme.

She said: “Horncastle Road and Witham Road are both lime tree avenues, and it’s hoped this work will return them to their original condition.

“Broadgate Homes will remove the cherry trees inappropriately planted in the 1970s, replacing them with lime trees where possible.

“Broadgate Homes will also be re-pollarding the remaining lime trees to address their poor condition.

“This way the next generation of lime trees can be established, ensuring the future of this important avenue.”

There was strong condemnation of earlier development work which decimated trees alongside Witham Road. Residents called for acvtion to be taken against Broadgate.