Woodhall Spa cyclists warned -‘we’re watching you’

No cycling - the footpath in Woodhall Spa which is at the centre of the complaints
No cycling - the footpath in Woodhall Spa which is at the centre of the complaints

Police have pledged to monitor a popular footpath in Woodhall Spa amid claims it is been used illegally by cyclists as a cut through.

A resident has complained to Woodhall Spa Parish Council about cyclists using the footpath between Station Road and Tor-o-Moor Gardens.

The resident, who has not been named, claims she has been involved in several ‘near misses’ with cyclists.

Parish councillors were told there were signs at both ends of the footpath, stating cycling was not allowed.

Councillors brought the issue to the attention of police - and Lincolnshire County Council who are responsible for footpaths.

Now, both agencies have promised to monitor the path - and other instances of cyclists breaking the law in Woodhall Spa by utilising paths and pavements.

Coun Richard Sanderson told the monthly meeting of the parish council: “We have had meetings with Highways and our local PCSO who explained the range of options - from doing nothing to erecting gates at the ends of the path.”

Coun Sanderson said the recommendation was that the no-cycling signs should be cleaned and surrounding vegetation cut back to make them more visible.

He warned any offenders said that they could be fined - if they continued to use the path.

However, he said police - and Highways - favoured a policy of ‘educating’ cyclists.

He added: “The police already do a lot of work in local schools, advising children about all aspects of safe cycling.

“I think this is the best way forward although I’m sure there might be the occasional time when they feel more forceful action is appropriate.”

Councillors agreed the last thing anyone wanted was to see a walker injured after a collision with a cyclist.

Parish council chairman David Clarke admitted there was an issue with regard to the footpath but said he felt the council had taken the matter as far is it could be contacting police and the County Council.

Parish clerk Amanda Bushell said the police had indicated they planned to visit the original complainant to ask for more information about the cyclists.