Woodhall Spa Council praised for school parking issue


Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa have been praised for raising a car parking issue in the village.

Residents had complained about cars parking outside St Hugh’s School.

They said the cars were causing problems with access and also damaging grass verges in the area.

The parish council contacted the school and the County Council.

Now, the school has revealed they have made an extra 12 parking places available on their own premises.

In addition, the school says it will consider putting out bollards to try and stop people parking on the verges.

Parish clerk Amanda Bushell revealed the County Council has said it lacked the finances to erect permanent bollards.

However, she added the authority had stressed it would continue to monitor the parking situation outside the school.

Mrs Bushell said: “They (the County Council) have thanked us for raising the issue with them and hopefully the situation will improve now.”