Woodhall Spa Council calls for meeting with Highways over appalling roads

The worrying state of Witham Road - one of the main routes to Woodhall Spa
The worrying state of Witham Road - one of the main routes to Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa Parish Council is calling for an urgent meeting with Lincolnshire County Council over the appalling state of roads in the village.

Councillors say they have identified several problem areas within Woodhall Spa.

They have also received complaints from residents.

Now, they plan to write to LCC, asking for a meeting with Highways Officer Andy Radcliffe.

Parish councillor Rich Sanderson said the sate of the roads was a “big issue” for villagers.

He alleged one of the main problems was caused by contractors working on behalf of the County Council.

Coun Sanderson, speaking at the monthly meeting of the parish council, questioned why the contractors struggled to repair roads properly while utility companies had a much better record.

He said one pot-hole near to the Co-op car park had been repaired only to re-appear on the same day.

Coun Sanderson said he had witnessed contractors reversing the wheels of lorries over repaired areas in a bid to flatten tarmac.

He added: “I can’t understand why they don’t do the work properly in the first place. What they are doing is false economy.”

Councillors expressed particular concerns over the state of Witham Road.

Coun Sanderson said the appalling condition of the surface meant it was “an accident waiting to happen.”

Councillors were told LCC had promised to repair the surface but had refused to give a date, beyond saying the work would be carried out before the end of the year.

During a public forum at the meeting, a resident complained about a pot-hole at Kirkstead Bridge, which he claimed had been continually repaired but was still a danger to drivers.

He said he had contacted LCC and asked the parish council for their support.

Coun Adrian Wilson described repairs carried out in Woodland Drive as been as “useful as a chocolate tea pot.”

Council chairman, David Clarke said the council would write to LCC asking for the meeting with Mr Radcliffe “with some urgency.”