Woodhall’s war stories wanted

Horncastle's Johnny Johnson (second left) at last year's anniversary of the Dambusters raid
Horncastle's Johnny Johnson (second left) at last year's anniversary of the Dambusters raid

A major exhibition will be held this summer, commemorating Woodhall’s Spa’s important role in the First and Second World Wars.

Organisers are now asking for contributions from anyone with wartime stories or memorabilia.

The exhibition - ‘Wartime Woodhall’ - will open at the Cottage Museum in July and will coincide with the launch of the Spa Heritage Trail.

The trail will include many buildings that played a part in Woodhall’s vital war-time efforts.

Organisers believe the exhibition and the trail will provide a significant boost for the region’s tourism industry.

Initially, the committee behind the venture are appealing for information on 22 local men who lost their lives in the two wars and whose names appear on a memorial on the village roundabout.

Wartime Woodhall committee member John Ginty explained: “We are keen to know whatever people may know about those men- where they lived, what they did before they were called up and what happened to their families.”

Woodhall’s role in the Second World War is well documented via the Dambusters while up to 4,500 servicemen were based in the village prior to the Battle of Arnhem.

It has also emerged several buildings in Woodhall were utilised as hospitals to treat soldiers injured in the First World War.

Some of the buildings will be included in the trail which is backed by East Lindsey District Council.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of World War One - and the 70th anniversary of Arnhem.

*Anyone wanting to contribute to the exhibition can contact Mr Ginty on 0789254388 or bainfarm@aol.com.

Wartime Woodhall also has a website and a Facebook page.