Woodhal Spa Councillors say no to farm plans

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Woodhall Spa Parish council has agreed to back residents in their fight to stop a green energy plant being built on a local farm.

Parish councillors decided at their last meeting to object to proposals for anaerobic digestion plant at Reeds Beck Farm near Stixwould.

The plant would use chicken manure and maize to generate power.

The waste generated by the process would then be used on the farm’s own land.

However, residents complained the plant would lead to an increase in noise, smells and traffic levels.

Parish councillors discussed the application at their monthly meeting last week.

They raised concerns that chicken manure would be transported to the plant along roads popular with cyclists and walkers.

They also agreed with residents about the possibility of smells and noise.

Councillors were told Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Department had not raised any objections.

However, councillors decided to write to County Hall, asking officers to reconsider their decision.

East Lindsey district councillor Craig Leyland pointed out one of the main access routes to the farm - Sandy Lane - was part of an established and popular cycle trail.

He said there was a danger to users of the route from heavy goods vehicles.

Parish councillor Rich Sanderson said he doubted claims that all the maize for the plant would be grown on Reeds Beck Farm.

He added there were obvious concerns about transporting chicken manure through the centre of Woodhall Spa.

Coun Tim Peacock said information in the application did not “give the full picture regarding what was being proposed.”