Why it’s not a load of bollards!

The verges in Woodhall Spa EMN-160229-154128001
The verges in Woodhall Spa EMN-160229-154128001

Residents in Woodhall Sp a are ‘all cut up’ over the appalling state of grass verges which they say are spoiling the picturesque village.

Parish councillors admitted at a recent meeting that some churned up verges were an eyesore.

Particular areas of concern include roads near to St Hugh’s School and verges on Coronation Walk, near to the Kinema in the Woods and the Tea House in the Woods.

Councillor Graham Keegan told the meeting that residents in Coronation Walk were so fed up with people parking on verges, they had discussed putting up bollards.

However, Coun Keegan said the residents has been warned that if they put bollards in place, they would be legally responsible for any subsequent damage to vehicles.

Coun Keegan said: “I have spoken to the residents and they are fed up with the entire situation.

“Having seen the conditions of the verges, I can understand why,.

“They (the verges) really are in an appalling state and they are in eyesore in that area - and other parts of the village.”

Coun Keegan added he fully sympathised with residents about the situation regarding possible damage to vehicles.

He added: “They told me they had been advised they would be liable for any damage and I have no reason to doubt them.

“It really is very frustrating.”

Councillors were also told there had been long running complaints about parents of pupils at St Hugh’s parking on verges in and around Stanhope Road.

The parish council has previously written to St Hugh.

Council chairman David Clarke said he had recently visited the school to inspect a newly extended car park.

He added the school had hoped the car park - which had an additional 35 spaces - would help alleviate any parking issues.

However, councillors agreed many parents still parked inconsiderately.

Coun Clarke said the school had told they would write to parents, asking them to either use the new car park or park considerately.

He added: “The school has done as much as it can and I can’t see the point in writing another letter to them.”

Councillors heard verges in Witham Road were also concern, particularly in the wetter winter months.

They agreed to contact Lincolnshire County Council to ask what action could be taken.

One resident - who asked not to be named - said: “ Legally, there’s nothing to stop people parking on the verges but the people can see the damage they are causing. It’s selfish.”