Why Horncastle needs a clean up

The alley way in Horncastle which, according to a councillor, smells like a urinal
The alley way in Horncastle which, according to a councillor, smells like a urinal

East Lindsey District Council is facing calls to help clean up parts of Horncastle which, it is claimed, are letting the town down.

At a meeting last week, Town Councillors identified several potential sites that are in urgent need of a ‘deep clean.

They include a passageway that ‘smells like a urinal’ and the town’s main bus stop which is a regularly target for litter louts.

Councillors are also calling for ELDC to maintain Bain Park better amid claims that it is a ‘muck heap’ and gives a bad impression of the town.

Councillors were quick to praise the general condition of the town but admitted certain areas need improving.

Coun Angela Burchall, who is the Deputy Mayor, said: “I’d like to mention the passageway which runs from the Co-op to the high Street.

”t’s full of graffiti and smells like a urinal.

“It needs sprucing up.”

Along with other councillors, Coun Birchall also signed out the bus stop - the first ‘port of call’ for many visitors.

Councillors wree told rubbish bins were provided but that some individuals ignored them.

Coun Linda Baker described those responsible for littering as ‘slobs’ and said they needed educating.

Councillors Stuart Attwood and Maurice Lamb both called for improvements to Bain Park.

Coun Attwood revealed there were several dead trees which gave a bad impression of the town.

Coun Lamb added grassy areas were uncut and described the park as a ‘muck-hap.’ He added: “It has been neglecte d for a few months.”

Coun Bill Aron said ELDC had always responded positively to requests to ‘deep clean’ areas of the town and suggested contacting the authority about problem areas.