Why ELDC reaction to fly tipping report is a load of rubbish

Resident Peter Richardson in front of the pile of rubbish near the village of Greetham
Resident Peter Richardson in front of the pile of rubbish near the village of Greetham

A Greetham man has blasted East Lindsey District Council as “incompetent” after claiming they have still not removed a roadside pile of rubbish - three months after he reported it.

Peter Richardson said he told the council about an incident of fly-tipping on the Greetham to Tetford road,

He expected a clean-up crew to arrive within days but three weeks later, nothing had happened.

He contacted the council again but was told they were waiting for an assessment, apparently because asbestos had been found among the rubbish.

Seven weeks later and still nothing had happened.

Mr Richardson contacted district councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman.

He said she did take the matter up with ELDC - even though she is not the ward councillor.

But, three weeks on and the pile of rubbish is still in place.

Now, Mr Richardson says he feels like collecting it himself - and dumping it at ELDC’s headquarters at Manby.

He claims that since his initial report, the pile of rubbish has grown and has become infested with rats.

Mr Richardson said: “What sort of message does this send out to people who fly-tip?

“You would think the council would react quickly.

“No wonder you see rubbish left at roadsides. It’s total incompetence on their part.

“If I dumped the rubbish at Teddar Hall, I’d end up being prosecuted”

Mr Richardson said he can understand why there could be a slight delay because of the asbestos, but described three months as “ridiculous.”

He added: “Someone at the council said they had to wait until there was enough asbestos for them to send out a special team to deal with it.

“What are we supposed to do in the meantime? Wait for another load to be dumped there?”

Coun Campbell-Wardman contacted ELDC again this week and they promised to remove the rubbish on Wednesday.

ELDC’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Steve O’Dare said: “When alerted to a fly-tip we always do our best to remove them quickly.

“On this occasion the removal of these items has taken longer than usual, for which we apologise, but it will be gone by Wednesday.”

“Each year, we spend in the region of £1m of money cleaning up.”