Why ‘Costa del Goulceby’ move marks the end for town’s Mayor

Councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman chairs her last Town Council meeting. Also pictured (left) is Coun Maurice Lamb who is also stepping down
Councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman chairs her last Town Council meeting. Also pictured (left) is Coun Maurice Lamb who is also stepping down

Horncastle Mayor Councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman has revealed why she is leaving the Town Council - she’s moved ‘abroad’ to Goulceby.

Coun Campbell-Wardman confirmed her decision to live in Goulceby means she no longer fulfils the residential qualification to serve on the town council

However, she did confirm she would be seeking re-election as one of the town’s District Councillors in next month’s elections as an independent.

Coun Campbell-Wardman told the News: “It is a shame that my dream house happens to be in Goulceby but that’s is the way things work out.

“I’ve only gone five miles down the road but it might as well be abroad.

“I’d love to have continued on the Town Council but that’s not possible.

“I will really miss it. I’ve served for nine years and it has been a big part of my life.

“I’d like to think I have helped make a difference and I’ve particularly enjoyed my time as Mayor.”

Coun Campbell-Wardman added it had been an “honour and a privilege” to hold the position.

During her tenure, Coun Campbell-Wardman has not been afraid to speak out on a number of topics.

She has expressed concern about the number of new housing developments in the town - and concerns about the state of the ambulance service.

Coun Campbell-Wardman is one of four members of the Town Council not seeking re-election. Maurice Lamb, Stuart Attwood and Lynda Baker are also stepping down.

Despite the loss of four ‘stalwarts’, Coun Campbell-Wardman said she believed the council faced a strong and healthy future but admitted it would be good to see younger people come forward to join.

She added: “I’m sure some people - and particularly younger people - are put off by some of the negative things they read and hear.

“However, it is a chance to make a difference to your community and the main meetings are only once a month.”

In her parting message at last week’s monthly meeting, she thanked fellow councillors for their support adding: “I will miss you all.”

Coun Campbell-Wardman confirmed her challenge to secure a seat on the District Council.

She added: “What has happened regarding the Town Council does not affect the district.

“I’ve enjoyed representing Horncastle and I hope that will continue.”

Five candidates are chasing three seats in next month’s elections but Coun Campbell-Wardman said she hoped her impressive record - she has served on a number of important committees - would stand her in good stead.

However, she did admit would be “interested” to see the strength of the UKIP challenge with the party tipped to increase the number of seats it holds at Manby.

*The other District Council candidates are Mike Beecham (UKIP), Fiona Martin (Lib-Dems), Richard Avison (Cons) and Janet Lister (Labour). Voting will take place in May 7 - at the same time as the General Election