We will do our best for Bardney

Doing their best for Bardney
Doing their best for Bardney

The new regime of a parish council rocked by rows, resignations and recriminations have vowed to build a brighter future.

Residents in Bardney were stunned last October when nine councillors quit in the space of 10 days, including former chairman Dawn McKenna.

A series of disagreements were blamed for the resignations with some councillors claiming the council was ruled by an inner cabinet.

Now, new chairman Charles Shaw and vice chairman Robin Darby say they want to draw “a line in the sand” and focus on the future.

Coun Shaw admitted mistakes had been made and claimed key discussions about council business had taken place in ad-hoc working group meetings which were not minuted.

However, he insisted the new-look council - which has seven members - wanted to be open, transparent, honest and at the heart of the community.

In a positive message. the duo said councillors aim to target a number of key areas including:

*finalising a Neighbourhood Plan

*improving links with local organisations

*boosting public transport

*helping local business

Coun Shaw said: “There were inefficiencies previously but we could either spend time and resources looking back or we could draw a line in the sand and move forward.

“We have decided to move forward and we want the people of Bardney - and surrounding villages - to share our plans. We want to know what they want and what they think. Community involvement is very much at the core of our plans.”

Coun Shaw revealed he hoped elections would be held to fill council vacancies and said a proper committee structure was in place.

He added: “We have looked very closely at the infra structure and we believe we have made positive changes. We are not saying everything is right but it takes time. We want people to see what we are doing. We want to be a community based organisation.”

Coun Shaw revealed the Neighbourhood Plan was a key part of future policy. It will enable councillors to consider planning applications, identify sites for possible development and campaign for improved public transport.

He confirmed a public meeting would be held to discuss the giant Nocton Fen wind farm proposals and said experts - including police representatives - would regularly be invited to speak at meetings.

Coun Shaw added: “We want Bardney to thrive. We want to see more affordable housing for local young families. We want to see our existing businesses thrive. We are all this in this together.”