‘We want answers about roads’

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Councillors in Horncastle have launched another withering attack on the appalling standard of road repairs in the town.

They claim some potholes and damaged road surfaces had been repaired several times but remain a hazard to drivers.

They described the system for reporting and monitoring road issues as ‘rubbish.’

They also questioned the costings of a major £600,000 repair programme planned for the town in the coming months.

And, in a final outburst. councillors said repairing individual collapsed drains at the side of roads is a waste of time and money when the town’s entire drainage system is ‘not fit for purpose’ and needs updating.

The concerns were raised at this month’s town council meeting.

Town councillors demanded county councillor Bill Aron needed to bring up all the issues with officers at County Hall and ‘come back with some answers.’

Coun Aron told the meeting there were 120 ‘defects’ relating to Horncastle on the county council’s site for reporting road issues.

However, councillor David Stott described the usability of the reporting system as ‘rubbish.’

Coun Aron said the system was being updated and would be easier to use when it was re-launched in a couple of months.

Town council chairman Coun Brian Burbidge said he was ‘fed up’ of excuses after the county council had initially promised the new system would be operational in January.

Coun Burbidge said: “The whole issue is a disgrace and will you (Coun Aron) tell Highways exactly how we feel.”

Coun Maurice Lamb said the county council was literally throwing money away because ‘botched’ repair jobs.

He highlighted problems in several locations including Coning Street and West Street.

He said: “You spend ages waiting (for a repair) and they don’t even do half a job!”

Coun Aron assured him two more crews would be working in East Lindsey from next month and they would be using the latest ‘hot fix’ method for repairs.

Coun Angela Birchall asked Coun Aron to provide a ‘comprehensive breakdown’ of the costs of a £600,000 repair programme which will focus on Boston Road and the Market Place.

She said the amounts involved seemed ‘extreme.’

Regarding drainage, Coun Aron said he had seen a map indicating many drains still in use today dated from 1859. He said some new drains were being introduced as part of housing developments but Coun Burbidge pointed out they still connected with the ‘antiquated’ system in the town centre.