VIDEO: Why ‘Big’ Matt is a man of the people in Coningsby

It’s not just the fact he stands six foot five in his stockinged feet that makes Coningsby’s recently appointed Mayor Matthew Mason a larger than life character.

Whether it’s discussing pot-holes - or Coningsby’s notorious traffic and housing issues - he doesn’t pull any punches.

Coningsby's new mayor

Coningsby's new mayor

There again, he’s a former karate champion who represented Yorkshire before becoming an adopted ‘Yellowbelly.’

At the age of 39 - he’ll be 40 in September - he’s one of the youngest mayors in the county.

A married man with two young daughters, Coun Mason has served on Coningsby Town Council for just two years. His rapid promotion to Mayor highlights how highly he is regarded by his colleagues.

And Coun Mason is hoping he can inspire even younger people into politics.

He says: “I’d love to see young people involved and we need to get them involved.

“They have opinions about what is happening in Coningsby and my message to them would be they can help make a difference,

“That’s why I became a councillor. I want to help. I want to get involved in everything. Your problem is my problem”.

And, many people say there’s no shortage of problems - or issues - in Coningsby.

Coun Moore accepts proposed new housing is high on the local agenda.

He welcomes suggestions that East Lindsey District Council is keen to forge closer links with town and parish councils.

He adds: “They (ELDC) don’t seem to listen to local people and we are the ones who know our communities better than ever.

“They should stand and watch the traffic back-up on Silver Street at rush hour. They should listen to genuine concerns about flooding.”

Coun Moore is not against new development but believes Coningsby’s struggling infra-structure - not least roads, health and schools - needs urgent attention first.

He has packed a lot into his life. As a volunteer with the British Transport Police, he was on duty at the 7/7 bombings in London.

He says some of the haunting memories from that will never fade. However, he has plenty of other things to occupy his mind.