VIDEO: Angry mums slam council over state of dangerous footpath

Angry mums in Revesby have slammed Lincolnshire County Council for failing to pay to improve the conditions of footpaths.

The mums say they have to walk with pushchairs and young children on the busy A155 - and dodge cars and HGVs - because footpaths are so bad.

Concerned mums at the side of the main A155 in Revesby

Concerned mums at the side of the main A155 in Revesby

One mum, Beth Williams, said it was only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

She said she had complained to LCC, without success.

However, a County Council spokesman promised they would try to improve the footpath but admitted they did not have the resources to re-construct it.

Ms Williams said: “It is a disgrace. We have to walk on the main road - there’s no choice.

“There’s no way you can walk on the footpaths.

“A lot of mums round here are angry and upset. They have had their pushchairs damaged - because the path is so bad.

”I can’t believe the council says they can’t mend the paths. We pay our taxes, just like anyone else.”

Ms Williams said parents used the footpaths to walk their children to school in two neighbouring villages - Mareham le Fen and East Kirkby.

She added: “There isn’t a bus and not everyone has access to a car so if you want to get our kids to school, you have to walk.

“There’s also a kids’ club on a Monday at the local pub and we all walk to that.

“It is dangerous walking on the road and we’ve told the council there could be a very serious accident, but what are we supposed to do?”

Ms William said the footpath was badly rutted and even non-existent in others.

Andy Ratcliffe, area highways manager at the County Council, admitted the surface was poor but claimed mud left by farmers was an added hazard.

He explained: “The path isn’t in great condition but we are making attempts to improve it.

“We’ll continue to work with farmers to get them to clear the mud their vehicles leave on the pavement, and the county council will start its verge cutting programme in May which should help.

“Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the money to reconstruct it at the moment. We have limited resources and we’re concentrating on filling potholes and improving the condition of the roads.”