UKIP sound jobs warning


The UKIP candidate for the Louth and Horncastle constituency has described the latest unemployment figures for the region as ‘encouraging’.

The News reported last week that the number of people claiming jobseekers allowance has fallen, prompting Tory candidate Victoria Atkins to say the figures were proof the Government’s economic policy was working.

County Councillor Colin Mair (UKIP) said: “The reports are very encouraging but we need to do several things with respect to analysis of employment statistics.

“How many people are working for minimum wage? How many are on zero hours contracts? How many have full time work? How many have time limited contracts? I know people on zero hours contracts who work for as little as six hours a week.”

Coun Mair also called for better training and added: “Let’s make sure people are properly rewarded for the work they do and let’s stop putting our young people into huge debt to get degrees that don’t help them find careers.”