Town Council want your views on Langton Hill development

Coun Brian Burbidge - wants people to get in touch about Langton Hill issues
Coun Brian Burbidge - wants people to get in touch about Langton Hill issues

Residents living near a new housing development in Horncastle have been advised to contact the town council with any complaints.

There was widespread opposition to the development on Langton Hill in the build-up a controversial planning process.

East Lindsey District Council refused permission but developers won an appeal.

Since then, concerns have been raised by residents and town councillors with regard to a number of issues - particularly after work on the site started.

At a meeting of the town council’s planning committee last week, a resident - who was not named - raised a number of issues.

He said owners of properties on the only access road to the site - Osborne Way - were struggling to leave their houses because of delivery vehicles and cars and vans owned by builders.

The resident said: “Only this morning, there were three cars and vans parked half on the road and half off it.,

“There were two ‘great’ lorries which had to reverse into the site because that is the only what they can get in.

“Sometimes, you can’t get out of your own drive.”

The resident said the road itself was a mess.

He admitted it was cleaned once a week - usually on a Friday - but was in a ‘terrible state’ again when the next deliveries arrived.

The resident added no-one seemed to care about himself and other householders in 
the immediate area.

He told councillors: “Why don’t you come and ask us what it is like?

“You’d see for yourselves how bad it is. It’s bedlam”

Planning committee chairman Coun Brian Burbidge said he sympathised with residents but urged 
them to come forward and report any problems.

He explained it was not the town council’s job to patrol 
the road.

He added: “We are in limbo. If we aren’t aware of any problems then we can’t do anything about it.

“I would request anyone who has any issues to contact the Town Clerk and then we can deal with it.”

The Town Council does have regular meetings with Cyden Homes who are developing the site.

Coun Burbidge assured the residents that the concerns he had raised would be mentioned at the next meeting with developers which is scheduled for February 28.

Coun Burbidge stressed Cyden Homers were keen to work with residents but indicated it was unfair not expect some impact from a construction programme that could take ten years to complete.