Town Council rules out new volunteer award

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Horncastle Town councillors have ruled out organising a new award system to recognise the town’s top volunteers - because it would be impossible to decide a winner.

A resident - Mrs Fiddies - had written to the council suggesting the idea.

However, councillors said they felt that so many volunteers were doing such a fantastic job in the town that it would be unfair to single anyone out.

Mayor Councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman, speaking at a council meeting last week, said that although the idea had a lot of merits, she thought it would prove difficult to administer.

Coun Campbell-Wardman added: “We have so many outstanding volunteers in this town.

“They all do a fantastic job and we appreciate every single one of them.

“Having given this some thought, I am not so sure it would be possible to rate them in a scale of one to ten.

“How could you do that and even then, how could you decide on an overall winner?

“It wouldn’t be fair to single any one person out.”

Councillors questioned whether there was still a full and up-to-date list of all the town’s many voluntary organisations.

Coun Bill Aron said that many organisations already held their own events to reward volunteers.

He added: “It appears this is an area which is pretty well covered.”

Councillors pointed out they are unpaid volunteers - often spending many hours completing work that wasn’t always noticed

The council will write to Mrs Fiddies, thanking her for her idea and explaining why they will not be taking it further.