Toilets are still a big ‘disgrace’ says trader


A Horncastle market trader has stepped up his attack on the condition of the town’s public toilets and branded them a “disgrace.”

Alan Grant initially lodged an official complaint with East Lindsey District Council earlier this month.

ELDC assured Mr Grant - and the town’s residents - that the toilets were cleaned on a regular basis.

However, Mr Grant said the toilets were in an “appalling state” when market traders arrived early last Thursday morning.

He said: “It was as though someone had thrown a load of rubbish into them.

“There were bits of cardboard and other stuff all over the place and the area around the sink was filthy.

”Quite honestly, they were a disgrace and it’s not right the council expects people to use them in that condition.

“The trouble is, there’s nowhere else for people to go. They don’t give a good impression to visitors to the town.

“I appreciate what the council was saying about they regularly clean the toilets, but if that’s their idea of clean then I’d happily give them a lesson - for a fee.”

Mr Grant said he had now complained to the Town Council.